Bills Auto Shop and Towing

Started by Fluffy, 23-01-2010

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Welcome! To Bills Auto Shop and Towing!

We take care of all your car needs!

Need a new car? we'll get you one!

Car broke down or in an accident? Call us! we'll give you a tow. FOR FREE!

Need to repair your car? We'll fix it for ya.

Need a paint job? My boy's are on it.

555-CARS or 555-2277

Prices range on Used or new cars. All car purchases and repairs must be made in RP fashion and not metagame.


Paint job (Material): prices range from $200 - $500

Decals (Paint): $50

Used Cars: Prices range from $1000 - $3000

New Cars: Prices range from $5000 - $10000

Rent - A - Car: Payment is $50 an hour.


Q: I don't have enough money to buy the car
A: Make a down payment or rent it.

Q: I don't like the paint job i got
A: I'll replace it for any other paint job that matches to the price you payed

Q: I'm in a crash, can i get my car towed?
A: Yes, for free.

Q: What kind of service can i expect?
A: The most excellent service.

Q: Are you hiring at the moment?
A: No, but in the future i might hire IC.


This is just salvaged from the original Pheonix RP. I made this and the RP never kicked off :/

This is just an Idea to bring it back if we ever do. tell me what you guys think.


Is anyone going to even look at this?

Dark Angel

**Rises her hand slowly** I've been keeping an eye on this thread just for sake of fun.

And i do support your **Looks at the title** Bi..ll s.h..oo.p and towwww...i.n.g.z



Awesome, we need more passive factions like this.

+Support (I better get a discount for this... Lul)