So I installed Windows 7

Started by deluxulous, 28-12-2009

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It smells funny in here.

That new operating system smell.

And what is that thing down there? A mega taskbar?

This looks like Vista. Except for that creepy taskbar thing down there. I'll be watching you...

So yeah, gotta reinstall everything cause I had Windows XP.


I'll be getting Win7 soon. It uses the Vista interface and doesn't have any major faults. Service packs are here for a reason if there are any.
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The Vista interface is really nice. I like the organization style and how everything is put together.

I'll be Xboxing until I get Orange Box and Gmod installed.


Jealousy ): I want Windows 7 so i can utilize all my ram!

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Windows 7 is fawless.. Not a resource hog and looks quite cleaner too.. By far the second best OS ive gotten in my hands.
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Had Windows 7 on my machine that died, was a huge improvement in every way over XP withou any of Vista's fail.


Heres a little tid-bit

Every new version of Windows fails until they get the bugs and glitches out, Which takes 2 years.

Other than that I wish I could get Vista and Windows 7 and test it out.

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I got Windows 7, it's the best. It has waayy less problems than vista, I haven't had any compatibility issues or any bugs. UAC also simmered down a lot, for a +.


Windows 7 = Vista

Just been recoded and fixed.

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I've tried Windows 7 on my Old PC.
Results= Had to buy a new one.. Somehow my computer stopped working.


Windows 7 works beautifully on my new laptop. Its just...awesome.