Nyko Playpad & Pro firmware fix for 4.3+

Started by Silver Knight, 03-12-2014

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Silver Knight

This tutorial is for those of you who cannot get the Nyko playpad device to sync with their android device, typically this is because it's running a old firmware which fails to update properly due to Nykos terrible app support and android updates. I have personally tried and tested this and works perfectly. Credit to chrisg229 for posting this over at the nvidia forums.

QuoteHow to update Firmware with PC and Mac (without using Android).

Please go click here, and download the updater application.
After you unzip the file you will need to follow these steps to use the updater app:
- Plug your PlayPad into the PC or Mac with your USB
- While simultaneously holding down UP on the D-pad and the A button, press the reset pinhole button on the back of
the controller (you will need to use a thin instrument like a paperclip.) This will put the PlayPad into update mode and
the lights will cycle on the PlayPad, once the lights are moving you are ready.
- Open the updater application and click the select firmware button
- Select the Nyko PlayPad bin file for either your PlayPad or PlayPad Pro
- Select update firmware to update.
- Once the firmware update completes successfully, simply unplug the controller from your PC or Mac and pair it with
your device.
If you have any problems with updating your firmware, please contact Customer Support

After that, download the Nyko playpad firmware updater on the android store, it should now detect the device so you can update to the latest version (Right now that's 101)

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