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3D Display that does not require those silly Red and Blue glasses

Locke · 2107

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The new Sharp gadgets will show bright and clear three-dimensional images without needing special glasses, which were required (so far) to use this type of technology.

The bad news is that those gadgets only will work with 3.4-inch displays, which should be placed at a distance of 30 centimeters (12 inches) from the user’s eyes.

Yesterday (April 2), Sharp Corp. introduced some displays for mobile devices (which are able to show three-dimensional animations), as well as touch-sensitive panels where you can browse a gallery of 3D pictures, and a small screen connected to a 3D video camera.

In recent months, some 3D movies in domestic formats and TVs with 3D technology have been introduced in the market, too. In fact, at this time, companies like Sony Corp., Panasonic Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics are selling or plan to launch 3D TVs around the world. But, the great thing about the Sharp technology is that the upcoming gadgets won’t require glasses anymore. Cool!



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That would be awesome, but only if it would work with moved :/


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My Dad got one recently. Not realy sure if he legally acquired it. Looks very nice though it puts everything in 3d and looks alot sharper my little sister goes crazy watching barney on it.

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Hmm sounds pretty cool


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Oh my gosh! Stereoscopy!

Old technology is old, people.



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But I love those silly red and blue glasses.


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