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Airsoft Videos

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on: 31-08-2010
I really for some reason like watching these, and other airsoft videos. Call me strange, I dont care. I'll share these with you.

Airsoft - Combat South Urban 13-03-05

Thats some costly equipment for sure.

Airsoft - Combat South Urban 24-09-06

Airsoft - Combat South Urban 21-11-04

They picked a real good "urban" -ish spot. There are a ton of other airsoft videos, but I picked these here for a start. Go ahead and post airsoft videos, we are here to share.

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Reply #1 on: 31-08-2010
Scoutthedoggie = best airsoft youtube videos ever...


Reply #2 on: 31-08-2010
c7viper Airsoft Show - LARP Zombietown!

Airsoft + Zombies, my favourite match up.


Reply #3 on: 31-08-2010
I hope the zombies are allowed to run and climb ontop of the buildings and shit if they are sturdy enough...
And wear eyeware, otherwise it would be a massacare...literally.


Reply #4 on: 01-09-2010
Yeah, they are like L4D style zombies, and they usually get scarves and full face masks so they don't get hurt.


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Reply #5 on: 01-09-2010
I like the videos from 'Scotthedoggie', he records the Pro's at airsoft in Bonnybridge, Scotland. Matches often have 90 participants in a huge forest area. 200+ Videos, many are very interesting showing high-end airsoft guns and accessories, and ofcourse the action.


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Reply #6 on: 01-09-2010
Yes...KillSlim agrees, I really love watching his videos, that video is my favorite, the one with the L96.


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Reply #8 on: 10-04-2011
Big Combat 3 - Airsoft Milovice biggest airsoft action in history..and where?of course in our czech :3 (2940 people),nothing to see..but sooo many people..


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Reply #9 on: 15-04-2011
I know I replied super late but... Scoutthedoggie = Is really best airsoft player


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Reply #10 on: 11-07-2011
Footage of the game I went to several hours ago (technically yesterday) at CQB City on the Camo Team.

CQB City 7-10-2011


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