Natural Selection 2!

Started by Afromana, 05-09-2009

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I know alot of you people know about this already, but i feel like this topic needs to be here.
There will be a NS2, most likely to be released at halloween (Natural Sleection 1 was released at that date, 2006).

The game will sadly be purchase only, but it will be worth it.
The "Unknown Worlds Entertainment" team have bought the source code and remade it for NS2, making it an unique experience when it comes to graphics.
The game will also be easily moddable, with the new tools that is specialy made for NS2.
But enough of me talking about it, here's a few links and pictures, and the teaser ofcourse:
(PS: The game is currently pre-orderable at: )

Main Site: (It havent been updated in quite some time, i recommend the next link)
Blog and forums:
Youtube page:

Teaser: (This is in-game footage with the new engine)
Natural Selection 2 "teaser" video

The reveal trailers:

The Gorge
Gorge Reveal

The Skulk
Skulk Reveal

The Onos
Onos Reveal

The armory
NS2 Armory

The infantry portal
NS2 Infantry Portal

Additional video's:

Dynamic Infestation:
NS2 Dynamic Infestation Prototype

The developer tools:
Unknown Worlds Videocast #8 - Tools

I will ofcourse post more info when it is available, and gameplay footage of the Alpha + Beta when it is available.

I can also answer on some questions if needed.


Yea, goin be epic


Wow I think I might buy a copy of this game

Dark Angel

Funny that alot of stuff looks like Doom 3

Immagine i've beaten DOom 3 fucking scary game :V


Bl★ck Star

totaly awesome and is it still a mod for hl2 or did they made it as a "real" game now ?


Well, as it costs money, i'd say its pretty "Real", they've edited the Source Engine for a few years now, so it should be quite diffrent.

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Awesome ill buy it


One thing: