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Looking for music

Killabreu · 756

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Offline Killabreu

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on: 08-02-2011
I'm looking for some new music. Preferably relaxing stuff. An example of such:

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Offline Zstan

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Reply #1 on: 08-02-2011

Look through my endless youtube account, most of it is music I've favorited over the past 4 years.

Mix of all genres.

Also I recommend it's a great way to find new music.
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Reply #2 on: 08-02-2011

Also check trough mine, mostly random videos, but there's also Techno music and other music genres between it.

Offline Bielecki

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Reply #3 on: 09-02-2011
Try 'Sigur Ros' or maybe 'Murcof', also if you look more closely into 'Aphex Twin' you will find some relaxing songs.


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