Gravity Falls

Started by Knife_cz, 12-07-2014

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It's a pretty cool cartoon, one of my favorites along with Regular Show. Family stuff. Info I guess. You can watch it here. Along with many other Animes/Cartoons. I mean, give it a shot. It's a really good show, Season 2 is coming out 1.8.2014.

I mean I don't mean to say that this is pretty much one of the best cartoons of 2012/13, but yeah it is. Everyone who seen it/been shown it up by me, liked it.


You did a good job at painting HGN as a tolerant community

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Quote from: Jake on 12-07-2014
You did a good job at painting HGN as a tolerant community

Yeah.. too tolerant, thanks knife_cz.

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http://www.watchcartoononline   <DOT>  com/gravity-falls-season-2-episode-4-sock-opera new episode
it's the best


New episode is out.

I also screencapped a shop which our admins (Applies only to some) are very familiar with.