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Started by Silver Knight, 01-09-2010

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Silver Knight

Well there's been several over the years that have popped up and died, ill post the ones ive found that are still alive.

Jurassic Life

Ive been following this mod for a good few years now, they recently changed their name to Jurassic Life, you may have already tried their visitor centre map which they released to the public in all it's glory already.

There's quite alot to see on their website here: http://jurassic-life.game-lab.com/

Noteable things ive seen that are already done:

A full on working inventory.
Several maps.
Alot of character models and dinosaur models.

Dennis Nedry Motion Video

piranhas Ai


JL new inventory + note system


Jurassic Life In game Web GUI

Jurassic Life - Forklift test

Jurassic Park: Operation Andreas

Another mod  but this is for San Andreas, it's also not released but the progress is exceptional as well, he's created a huge island just like isle nubar and ripped alot of content from operation genisis.

"Jurassic Park Operation Andreas is the newest JP mod for GTA San Andreas. You may have seen pics or videos of it on the other JP mod page, breakout. The developer of that mod has decided to continue working on it, so i have gone independent with my JP mod. This mod uses models from Operation genesis as you may notice. It is a tribute to that game, and any other JP GTA mod before it. Not sure when it will be released yet, but stay tuned cuz it will be soon!"

Dinosaur Species Ingame:


Video viewing the world: http://www.moddb.com/mods/jurassic-park-operation-andreas/videos/new-radar-and-island-overview


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Everything looks very impressive, on the computer usage demonstration I wanted to see 'Ah ah aah! You didn't say the magic word!'
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Million Dollar Question:

What does the original post state that this mod is _for_?

Edit: lol edited post.
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Silver Knight

Quote from: Lucidius on 03-09-2010
Million Dollar Question:

What does the original post state that this mod is _for_?

I said it above.. and i listed two mods; first is for hl2 and the other gta san andreas.

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It looks good I just looked it up.

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