What the hell is this

Started by Duisternis, 05-03-2011

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One again the server has been griefed...

My house i totally gone and ravaged.
i had a hidden stash somewhere near my house so nobody could have ever known where i put my gold to prevent it from getting stolen.

Now i log in only to find my house completely dug out and destroyed.

Wth is this? I think everybody is getting tired of seeing their stuff destroyed and stolen. REALY F*CKING TIRED.
Can't those of you who smash things up just play along, bunch of little kids.....

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Im getting tired of it as well. The admins we have are not on at all times and are incapable of protecting buildings and places. We are going to install a permissions system which uses:

Rp Player - Cannot destroy blocks or cause harm to the world.
Privilaged Player - Can destroy blocks, limited toolset however (No fire, tnt etc)
Developers - More tools however still no tnt or harmful features.
Moderators - Basic admins commands.
Admins - Full admin commands. - Access to world edit.

This should stop random kids coming on and fucking up everything and allow those who actually care about the server to do so. While limiting new players with what they can do. We will be protecting entire parts eventually.

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Good that's a good idea.
But i've been walking around the area of marlow..

it realls is... kind off bad...

And there's adevertising plates scattered across to come to another rp server

i'm not gonna build anything until the new rules are in power anyway

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So, would ops fall under the category of Developers or Privledged Player.... Developer right?