The Dwarfs

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As you know, dwarfs mainly burrow into the sides of mountains where they build their huge fortresses.
Between these different strongholds, lie roads. Roads that span miles underground, connecting the huge cities.

Dwarfs (in Aceon) aren't united under one banner like they are in other worlds.
They separated amongst several different clans, all with their own motives and unique traits.

The Dwarven race is hardened by thousands of years of constantly defending their holds from would be invaders both above and below the ground, it would be a bad idea to be their enemy.

There are only 2 known Dwarven clans that are near the land of Marlow.

This clan is lead by Zaneak. It's inhabitants are hardy men and women, both present on the battlefield.
They are known for digging into the the sides of mountains and carving Dwarven faces into them.
Their current fortress is "Karak Zankaraz" a stronghold carved deep in the Earth by their hands.

Zaneak - Zstan

Darrius - Cryogenicmanga

You don't need a application to be a dwarf, but in-order to join a clan you will need to fill out an application.

Application Format

IC name:
OOC name:
Type of Dwarf: (Surface, underground, etc.)
Time on our Minecraft server:
History of your character: (Atleast a paragraph)

The other clan can be led by any other dwarf, just leave a post below and tell me why I should let you lead a clan.


Karaz-a-karack means evermountains


I'll guess I'll lead another Dwarven clan


Quote from: Ralazo on 08-04-2011
I'll guess I'll lead another Dwarven clan


If you'll give some backstory, a name, and post it in here, I'll add you.


Deceleration of War

Imperial forces refuse to leave Dwarven lands.
In response the Dwarfs occupying the land have declared war on all Imperial land and forces.


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Deceleration of War

Imperial forces refuse to leave Dwarven lands.
In response the Dwarfs occupying the land have declared war on all Imperial land and forces.






IC name: Quinton Gavinson

OOC name: QuintonGavinson

Type of Dwarf: Deep Underground, will only go to the surface to travel around, or to gather wood, although he grows Trees underground from time to time.

Time on our Minecraft server: Unfortuneatly not much more than a day, fortuneatly that means my charecter's story is able to be edited if needed without confusion.

History of your character:

Quinton was born under strange conditions for a Dwarf, above ground. His parents were on a trip while he was born, so in commeration they decided to give him a name from above the earth; Quinton Gavinson. It was strange that they changed his second name, but no one cared. The parents finished their trip and took him home, meaning, deep down underground, close to bedrock and lava.

After a few years, Quinton would be around 12, but he didn't know, due to never surfacing. At this tender age, his father gave him a pickaxe and set him to work with other children, to make a tunnel to a local city from their earthenly home. Then the day came when he became a lonely child.

Coming to the end of their digging, they were roughly a mile from the City and were on the home stretch, Quinton and his siblings struck lava. It instantly overcame three of his Brothers as they were right next to it. As they ran two of the Sisters were takens out, leaving only three children left, Quinton, and two twins in his family; Felderin and Than-Zhan. The children made some distance from the lava, but it kept coming, bubbling, creeping towards them. They decided it would eventually reach their home, they must of hit a lava lake, so decided to dig a trench. They dug as fast as their Dwarven arms could, but the lava slowly spilled in as they finished. Feldering was only able to escape by sealing himself in Obsidian, a clever Dwarfven trick.

Around a few days later Quinton was dug up, his parents had rescued him by turning the entire trench into Obsidian, and then digging him up. Quinton was weak when they rescued him, the air he had to breathe was thick and heavy, heavier than the usual Dwarven air and he only had a small bit of water on him. It took him quite a while to recover and when he did, he decided he wasn't going to dig for a while.

Instead of digging, Quinton took up the proffesion of fighting, he joined an honest mercanery buisness and was trained in the ways of combat. He eventually quit the Mercanery job and decided to join his own kind, he now searches for them.

((Sorry if it is a little rough, it isn't perfected)


I don't think that the Dwarves exist anymore as a faction, Quinton.
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Quote from: RanmaChan on 03-05-2011
I don't think that the Dwarves exist anymore as a faction, Quinton.

yeah I sort of think all non-existing factions should be scrapped so that new players don't get confused. If you want Quinton you could always create your own dwarf faction.
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Maybe I will start one, I will see how it goes, maybe try building a hideout of sorts. At the moment though i'm forced into using a family laptop which can't really play for more than 30 minutes without crashing....


I'm still running a dwarven faction, we actually have a city.
If your interested, contact me ingame; Ralazo

Nevermind, shit got fucked up. I quit the dwarfs.