The College of Veneficia Isles

Started by CoolFeerman, 03-06-2014

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     In the latter days of the Age of Myth, a mage from each of the races of men and mer, heralded as the best of their kind, were called by an unknown spirit to the Deeplands, near the Bastion Seas. As Myth died, so did magic. A lost art then, much as it is becoming now, the mages were sent to become the saviors of their practice. Using the spirit's untapped and almost limitless power, the mages summoned The Once-Great Island of Venefise, and began constructing a Grand Compendium of Magic. Decades past as the stories of the mages began to lose their touch with the minds of simple men, and the mouths that once breathed excitement and lust for a "new age" of magic and myth sang new songs as great works of architecture and steel began to be worked by man. The mages, still dutiful to the end, eventually finished their compendium. They watched over the Island until their deaths, long forgotten by man and mer - until an scribe from the Empire of Aranrie fled from the Imperial Library with books and maps, regarded as myth by scholars from all four corners of Oramore, to the Bastion Seas. He was looking for the Compendium in a foolhardy attempt to gain power, and while he certainly did find his treasure, he did not find what he was looking for.
     Spirits are ageless, and when this scribe opened the Compendium in his lustful and dishonorable mindset, the Spirit who once called upon the old mages possessed him. Magic would return to this world in this Age of Steel and Stone. The spirit, lacking in power, drained the life out of the island, causing great earthquakes to shake the very crust of the world. The island sank, and the Great Island became the Great Isles of Veneficia. The Spirit raised the college out of the earth, its ironstone walls breaking the sky and towering over the horizon. The lips of man spoke again of the ancient forms of magic, and the College attracted many new members seeking knowledge and power. A new Age of Myth and Magic broke the world and the old forces of spirits and something greater became practiced again. To this day no one really knows where the Spirit of Venefise went, or what became of it. Some say that it is reincarnated in every Headmaster at the end of an era. What is known is where the College is and always will be, Veneficia Isles. The Isles roam the world now, and always come to where the next great events will happen, in hopes of recruiting new, aspiring mages to lead the practice into tomorrow.

     With the recent appearance of the Veneficia Isles on the coast of Esgar, it is now apparent that events on Esgar will lead Oramore into a new era. The College exists to aid the powerful in Esgar, and serve the people and kingdoms of Esgar. The people may call on the College to aid them with plagues, monster infestations, bandits and the like. Kings can call on advisers and strategists. The College also accepts aspiring mages into its ranks and will provide mentorship to all those deemed worthy. The first test is to find the College, and the rest is up to fate.


The College only serves to provide mentorship to aspiring mages and a place to practice magic. You need not sign up, for all wizards, mages, and sorcerers alike are welcome here.


The College provides protection and extermination services for peoples looking to hire. The College is not, of course, a simple mercenary guild. Mages are special and righteous, and will only protect those in need of protecting and kill those who need killing, most of the time non-sentient beings. The College also provides mages to help in the growth of nature, the replenishment of the land, and the cultivation of animals. The College provides basic academic classes, teaching literacy and very basic arithmetic to those deemed worthy. The College also has a very skilled selection of advisers and strategists to aid settlements the College deems worthy of aiding. All fees are subject to change and will be decided on between the mage enlisted and the client.