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Started by Ragolution, 24-02-2011

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Tired of house fires?

Creepers got you down?

Just plain sick of your wife?

Want to blow your house up for cash?

Then you need the new Balmung Series Insurance program brought to you by Portkins Architecture, Paralegal and masonry subsidiaries!

With your low low payment of exactly 1 gold bar a week1 we will rebuild your house on notification!

Included in our insurance program is our new "EVERYTHING" Package!

For a small addition to your weekly fee, our agents will record all of your belongings, once a week and catalogue them in the "Securiphere"
Should your valuables ever get stolen, we'll replace them!2

Act now! This low low premium price of 1 gold ingot WILL NOT last for long!3

Order now and you'll get a free Steel Axe and Jacuzzi!4

With our Balmung Series Insurance program, you'll never have to worry about your house going up in smoke again!

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1 Premium rate subject to change
2 Cash rewards may be distributed in some cases.
3 Intiation premium will always be 1 gold ingot
4 While supplies last, does not include installation fee.

Note: This is serious buisness! I am actually offering this!



Now accepting applicants!


IC Name:

Policy Type (Gold Everything or Gold Standard)

Payment plan: (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly)


Name: Feerman2010
IC Name: Marcus

Policy Type: Gold Everything.

Payment plan: Yearly Please.