Just wanna put this out there...

Started by meldin, 30-05-2016

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Server is going quiet again.
I'm honestly worried this server is gonna go belly under again.
We should do something about it


Had a good 6 people on earlier, this shit ain't dead.
We need to let people finish building their shit before RPing though so if you are trusted you can have creative for a bit.


We also need to clean up any 'Destroyed places, unless we can mold them to be part of the history of the server. Empires rise and fall, so it would be nice to go delving into old places, hoping there's some hidden caches of goods.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.


im sorry, what were you saying, I was still staring at CPs avatar... kidding.

yeah it would probably be a good idea to clean those up.


   In my personal opinion, excluding randomly made wooden shacks with no relevance, structures and destroyed cities shouldn't be touched-Aceon's history writes itself, as Port loves to say, and I see no reason to hinder that goal here.

(I'm fine with some touch-ups, though-such as replacing some stone brick with cobblestone on paths-as long as everyone agrees on it, as well as admin intervention if an area isn't touched for a long period of time)
So, did anyone else see a floating cactus today? Just me?
I better stop wearing glasses with stickers on them, I guess.


Honestly, you guys need to encourage roleplaying before anything else. Breed RP before you try to join RP. Make events and they'll be the lifeblood of this server.

Cleaning up things isn't too bad, but leaving them to be scavenged by others is a good source of RP if you're playing a looter or a nomad.


I'm actually planning on holding an event in Azmura to breed some RP