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on: 02-03-2011
Im banned.. I couldnt take it anymore.. Blair that fucking hacksore of a douche, he was pissing me off, i killed him, griefed marlow, sorry guys.. I couldnt hold it in any longer, ps
oh wait a minute! i cant talk like that, according to fuck face over there, I have to talk like this!
(( FUCK YOU BLAIR! )) happy now faggot? i got perfect puntuation. -_-


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  • God-damnit, it's down.
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Reply #1 on: 02-03-2011
I love it when kiddies nerd rage. And all my items lost. Resupplyed. Im a op.


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Reply #2 on: 02-03-2011
hahaha kiddies nerd rage? i love it when 12 year old fat fucks like u scream at me cause i never used "proper puntuation"


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Reply #3 on: 02-03-2011
Hi new people I don't know that's only here for Minecraft RP that I may join in on. I sense rage... Lets try sticking to the HGN rules of no flaming on our forums? Thanks.


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Reply #4 on: 02-03-2011
Sorry man

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  • Your animu taste is shit.
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Reply #5 on: 02-03-2011
Locked due to Flame.


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