Cathedral Griefed... again.

Started by cl4p-tp, 06-03-2011

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Someone keeps leaving annoying signs, in the cathedral and it's getting boring can an admin make the cathedral are protected?


That was an RP'd action.

The few Miscreants from the Cult decided to 'visit'.


So, you wrote the signs that included, "worship of whoreness." and "faggots."? That isn't really RP.


I didn't write faggots. My signs were more like

"Fear the Heretic Gods- Your priest has been lying to you."


Yeah, I don't mean those signs, I'm okay OOCly with your signs rag, it's the ones with faggots and dicks I'm pissed about.


Be thankful that it's just signs and not actual destructive griefing I suppose.


Its not even a church until it has a organ. hyms ftw!
Do not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!


Screw you and your organs! Anyway, this thread needs closing.


Quote from: cl4p-tp on 08-03-2011
Screw you and your organs! Anyway, this thread needs closing.

The Legion will consider constructing a cathedral or engineering an organ if you pay.


Locked due to spiraling off topic and a flame war brewing.

cl4p-tp, mattlittle knock it off.