Brewery Plugin

Started by meldin, 17-05-2016

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Link to the Plugin here

I just wanted to suggest this plugin. Azmura is building a brewery and it would be cool to have actual brews, instead of just using potions.


I've had experience with this plugin on another server and, my impression was that it was easy to use and alot of fun. I think it'd be nice to have, even if we could just rp the boozle anyway.
+1 or whatever


I too support adding this plugin. Would fix the issue of Dark and jemmerl thinking Hard cider is a "light alcoholic beverage".
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  I would accept this plugin, the only issue is that there is not currently a working 1.9 version of it. Once that is finished, as it is being worked on, I will gladly accept the plugin.
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Now... If only we could get some modders to hook us up with some custom plugins.

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