Breaking Tradition

Started by DarkThunder2, 08-08-2016

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  As some may remember, most-if not all-of the older maps for Aceon have been rendered unobtainable and left to rot in one's memory, as far as I know at least. Considering that a new map reset is upon us once more, I shall endeavor to break this ancient tradition by posting a map download in this very post. To add on to the nature of this post, I will recommend that the comments below be used as a memorial system, such as posting coordinates to bases for others to check out, reminiscing together, and other similar concepts. Until the new map is up, enjoy yourselves with this treat.

[Download Link]

So, did anyone else see a floating cactus today? Just me?
I better stop wearing glasses with stickers on them, I guess.


This is a pretty good tradition to have.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.