any chance I can get some help with a skin?

Started by Alaizia, 13-06-2016

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any one remotely ok at making skins? I would like to get one made, but Im not good enough.


For Minecraft? I'm a bit rusty, but I could give it a shot. Can't promise any miracles.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.

Amélie Lacroix

Guess its your Lucky day.

What're ya looking for? Ive made quite alot of skins of various People and things. I can probably be of assistance

Amélie Lacroix


Quote from: Amélie Lacroix on 15-06-2016
Heres some previews

Im looking for a skin of this, :P my character is suposed to be a gnome scholar.

Amélie Lacroix

Ah this is very possible! The picture really helps. I'll work on it right away