Your Stalker character poses!

Started by KillSlim, 15-09-2009

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Post poses of your characters. No strict code or format needed.

Viktorya Rakova, Freedom Co-leader.
"Yes, we will be changed and we will march with him, then all the world will have his colour and his light and his madness."

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Heh, should be your avatar/siggy.

Wannabe Taco

Make it say " Get out of here stalker."


Nice bump.

i'll make one later mayhaps. For now i'm just a rookie though.
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Get some female models >:C


Tolik Brome: Loner- Alive
Smith Walin: Loner - Alive
Andrei Grovinski:  Loner - Alive


It's really dark and I can't tell if it's from SoC or from Gmod, which is good I suppose.


Nice Mid, I really like the second one with the darkness and the lightning in the background..   looks good.

Kostya 'Spade' Lutsky - Exp. Loner - ALIVE
Nikolai 'Sparrow' Skavaski - Exp. Bandit - ALIVE
Falcon - Exp. Merc - ALIVE
Savage - Bloodsucker - ALIVE
Konrad 'Owl' Prutsky - Trader - ALIVE
William Evans - Scientist (R&D) - ALIVE


I was making some poses cause I was bored. Unedited, will edit later. With proper sizes too!
- Reloading

- Zombie Blasting

- Shotgun Propelled Trip

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thanks for the positive support.