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My favourite WoW Music Videos

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My favourite WoW music videos, they really rule. Maybe you seen them, maybe not.
Epic Raids

L70ETC - Rogues Do It From Behind

"Tank Tank Heal Tank" Music Video

30 Seconds of Bliss-Epic!


Arthas' Story in 30 Seconds

Hard Like Heroic

Ni Hao (A Gold Farmers Story)

Pwnage Like Us - (Featuring Nyhm, Gigi, & Druidboyz)

Pretty Fly (For a Draenei)

Death-Knight Spree

The Molten Chorus


Horde For Life

Nation VS. Abandonation


Honor Kills (wow machinima)

-And theres still a lot of good vids left, but I'm lazy to put them here. Check their videos, etc, :D

P.S.: Yeah, i'm a WoW-nerd. I can't wait till they release Cataclysm... DO IT FASTAH.


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Reply #1 on: 29-01-2010
Thank you for those 17 videos.
I hate world of warcraft.

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Reply #2 on: 29-01-2010
I hate it to, but the "Death-Knight Spree" Video is so true it's sad.


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