Crusarria: Warcraft 3 Project

Started by Silver Knight, 13-10-2009

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Silver Knight

Ok, this is a Warcraft 3 map project ive started, it's coming along pretty well, im just posting this here for later use.


Bretoria (Humans Of The North)
Vilenica (Contains several provinces, main task is to fight the Demonatra)
Clan Bloodskin (Orcs, Orges)
Clan Axeshatter (Orcs, Orges)
Trollkin (Trolls, Goblins)
Skuruni(Bandits, Pirates and Mercs, has a dictator for a leader)
Vampiara (Vampires, Undead)
Shadoist (Werewolves, SnowBears, Centaur's)
SteelGlad Dwarves (The beared ones, engineers and miners)
Vatika Republic (Humans of the south)
Mystic (Wood Elves, Spider Kingdom & Minor Creature Nations)
Demonatra (Evil)

Bretoria (Main task is to fight off the Vampiara, if their main is taken by Vampiara, Bretoria becomes Vampiara's ally)
Vilenica (Allied to Bretoria, allied throughout the game, unless Bretoria becomes evil, in which case allys the Clans)

Clan Bloodskin (Allied to the other clans, allies such as the trolls can choose to ally them)
Clan Axeshatter (If their main base is killed, they will join the Demonatra

Trollkin (Can ally the Clans, Bandits or they can also choose to be dark and ally the Demonatra)

Skuruni (Can choose who to ally at the start, Alliance, Vatika Republic, Trolls and can be taken over by the undead.)

Vampiara (Can ally the Demonatra if the vampire king reaches level 10)

Shadoist (They can ally Bretoria, if Queen Kaya becomes level 10, they can also ally the Vampiara but loose the Centaurs) )

SteelGlad Dwarves (Have several choices, they can side with Bretoria, Skuruni or go evil and side with Demonatra.

Vatika (Can ally Bretoria if General Sacra dies, They can ally the Bandits)

Mystic (Can choose who they want to ally, either the Alliance with Bretoria and gain High Elves or become corrupt and side with the Vampiara and Demonatra. If they become corrupt, all Ents, Elves and Spiders become evil.

Demonatra (Cannot ally anyone directly, but can take over people, they recieve allies based on what the others choose.)

King Thirius - King of Bretoria
Hal Kalis - General of Bretoria
Queen Kaya - Princess of Bretoria (Becomes Queen if her father dies)

Queen Helia - Queen Of Hironia

Lord Sorrow - Demon with many minions
Dokz'vd - Demon with many faces

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