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This post is an index to find information on each of the races and sub-races listed above.


High Elves -

Dark Elves -

Wood Elves -

Dwarves -

Green (Forest) Orc -

Gray (Mountain) Orc -

Goblin -

Iron Goblin -

Hob-Goblin -

C'tis -

Greymen (Human subrace) -
Appearance: Ghost-pale or grey skin, colourless eyes, hairless, tall, slender. Often sport ceremonial tattoos, especially around the head.

Racial History: Coming from pitch black underground slaver colonies, warped by exposure to the core's mystical energies and assaulted by hideous monsters for much of their history, the Greymen are a mysterious, twisted and often feared race. Even their appearance clearly sets them apart from other races of humans, looking more like corpses than men. It is believed that the Greymen possess latent telepathic powers and the ability to see in utter darkness, and many are magicians or craftsmen. The greymen hold a racial prejudice against the dark elves, having warred with them for much of their history. The dwarves, however, are viewed as comrades, having assisted them in the aforementioned war.

Direx -

Appearance: The Direx are dark skinned hairy monsters.  Their eyes are dark red because of their great sight.  The Direx have the body shape of a human.  The average adult height varies from 5' 9" to 7' 8".  The average adult weight can be from 180 pounds to 320 pounds.  Most Direx are rather muscular.  Because of their beast like appearance they are often despised by men.

Racial History: At first the Direx lived in troubling times with the other races.  Being despised by men the Direx had cowered  away from civilization.  Direx had to form their own way of life.  The Direx had learned from native folk how survive and even thrive.  Soon the Direx had formed their own government, language, and way of life.  Everything was peaceful until the city suffered from a famine. Barely any Direx are left because only a few found a new home before they starved.

Radoghost -

Appearance: Their skin tone is that of a light grey, and is a part of the name Radoghost, they carry a distinct eye colour that can resemble the colour of a soul as it departs from it's host, a light blue, which when gazed upon, can be mesmerizing to most other races. Not much else can be said about the race, as they are usually draped in a large robe, encompassing their entire body, enough of their face so that the eyes, nose and mouth are visible, their composure and stature are that of a human, but of a more elegant stature, standing with their arms locked, the robes covering them. When performing a spell, their hands can be seen to be quite bony, with the bones under the skin visible and some veins also, they have long nails. They have a smooth and calming voice.
Racial History: The Radoghosts were an unkown race for the most part, keeping to themselves in the farthest regions of Aceon, they resided in Half underground, half above ground villages, usually shrouded in the mist of the mountains, never to be discovered. Over the years, the Radoghosts grew tired of their loneliness, and sent an Emissary down to the populated regions of Aceon, to show their power, and try to mingle with the other races, some people enjoyed the company, and the power they possessed, but the majority thought that they were trying to invade, by using mind magic to take control of Aceon. They were banished.

When the Gray Orcs found out about the emissary, they sent scouts to follow them back to wherever they lived, stopping him just before he arrived, forcing him to show the Radosnare power to the Orcs. The Orcs took this to their advantage, taking the Emissary prisoner, and forcing the rest of the village to surrender, Radoghosts are kind people, and will never leave any of their own behind, even at the cost of the entire race. The Orcs ransacked the village, slaughtering most of its citizens, taking the rest prisoner as their personal slaves to provide their powers, men, women, children, elderly. They were used as a treatment for anything, to take their mind off of a wound, to calm them down, to put them to sleep, to ready them for battle.

Olkmais -

Appearance: Stand around 6' and females around 5'9". Their bodies are made out of wood or vine looking material. Their skin is always a light brown like a tree trunk. Their feet end in a Y pattern of toes, that look similar to thick roots. Their hands have three fingers and a thumb that also look like thick roots. Their bodies look slim. Upon their backs from the shoulders to the lower back are a large amount of leaves, females also have flowers upon their back. Their faces are flat without a mouth or nose, though there are small holes so that they can smell, and their eyes are of a single color like a pool. They also lack ears but have more small holes on the side and front of their head so they can hear. They gain nutrients through photosynthesis like a plant and can quickly 'drink' water through their root like fingers. They can speak to each other and other races through telepathy, but can not read minds. They are also fairly resistant to disease. Their blood is clear. Due to the way they breed (just like a plant, but with live birth) they have no ties to biological family, though they usually adopt their close friends as family. They can not stay underground long without dying of starvation.

Racial History: From across the seas from the same continent as the Arids. Usually peaceful, due to their lack of strength, they became a target for many of the warlords of the continent. Due to the way they breed it became nearly impossible for traditional monarchies to function. Soon many trade republics formed, usually hiring miners and laborers of other races for work within towns, though those they hired were usually looked down upon within the towns by the Olkmais. Few fight and many become skilled craftsmen, traders, diplomats, or mages. There is also a rumor that there are quite a few assassins among them.
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