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I would like to start an otherwise serious thread with an unserious comment:


There. With that aside, I can begin my introduction.

My name is Chaqery, currently The Joker on STEAM, and I've been roleplaying on Garry's Mod since HL2Land.

Sheumgal referred me here after catching wind of the Medieval RP, and as a history buff, francophone, and RP fanatic, I decided to dive in head first.

I thoroughly enjoy writing character stories, and everything that entails. I enjoy experimenting with different writing and narrative styles, playing with syntax, and above all creating a level of immersion in my stories that keeps the reader interested.

I suppose the most notable feature about my roleplay is my aptitude with Medical RP, having served on several HL2RP servers as the Medical DvL and a few times as a resistance medic. My passion is for practicing and learning about medicine, and while I will not ever claim to be an expert (people who claim to be experts usually operate under the false assumption that they've learned all there is to know), I am decently knowledgeable in medicine.

I have my fair share of experience with Administration, including:

Slidefuse - Super Admin
Project Sunshine - Owner/ Executive Roleplay Administrator
Evil Empire - Owner
KG Gaming - Community Administrator (Head Admin)
Killswitch United - Community Administrator (Head Admin)
WFRP - Super Admin
New Wave Roleplay - Senior Administrator

I'm sure there are others that I'm just forgotten, but that isn't the focus here. I'm here to be a player, and hopefully by doing so promote and create RP, while serving as an example of maturity. With my Administrative experience, I understand fully the stress and work that comes with being responsible for keeping a community alive and running. I hope that I can serve to alleviate these issues by keeping things handled properly and lead as best I can as a player. To those in the HGN Administration team, I salute you.

I suppose that's myself in a nutshell. I'm sure I will enjoy my time here at HGN, and I cannot wait to meet you all server side.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

P.S. As a final shout out I played for a long time on a community called HRP, or Harmony Roleplay, that later became HG. If anybody else was on HRP or HG, hit me up! I miss the old gang.
"While the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth." - V for Vendetta


WELCOME! I hope you enjoy everyone here :3
I'm hip! What are you talking about!


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