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Started by Deathcon, 02-01-2010

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Hey guys well some of you remember me and some of you have no idea who I am. Well Im Deathcon an old Adviser from way back when. I used to be the leader of Military and I was a Master bandit for an even longer time. I look forward to RPing with you guys.



Harro Deathcon, I remember you Remember me? Now I am one of the Head Staff.

Nice to see you again. Hope you enjoy your stay again, We are currently working on Fallout RP and Crusseria is going back up. :D


Is Crussaria actually going up this time?


Welcome back to HGN.
A new script is on it's way so it will most probably be going up.
Good to have you with us once again.
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I remember you, I feared you immensely and was afraid to roleplay with you.....

Welcome back!

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Hai Deathcon its me cloud ^^


Oh hey Cloud whats up? yeah everyone was my character was a cannibal thanks to Plague and my Military leader was insane thanks to Judas

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Yeah you Cannibal xD

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Welcome Back.

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Glad to see you back. We had another HL2RP up, but it went down maybe a week afterwards.


Go check the notifications

Crusseria is going up

New script for stalker

Fallout and Hostel has gone into Uber Pro mapping skills.

Its going pretty good.


Nice meeting you Death.

get at me.


HAI DEATHCON its your old servant Madface lolz but anyways Welcome back i hope you dont get magically banned.

Also BlackStar, were you here when we were playing on the old maps with the Huge Doomfort? the name Cloud is familiar because i think a person with that name was a recruited with me to mono but was then shot back down to the ground.
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Nice to meet you buddeh.

get at me.