I have Returned!

Started by Smirnoff, 01-01-2011

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Hello there folks, im Smirnoff.

Some of you might recognise me from my previous time here, some of you wont.
To the new people ho have joined while I was gone, no im not a HGN veteran, but i did spend quite some time here before leaving for various reasons.

A small note for those of you who have been here for a while but doesent remember me, "SRP Military Helicopter Abuse"
that will probably ring a few bells on who i am ;).

Anyways, feels great to be back here, and I will jump onto the SRP server as soon as i get my account sold for a garrys mod. Look at the trade thread i posted below, you can make a fortune on that sale.

(Trade Thread Here, its a bargain, trust me)
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hi,i remember you. welcome back


I remember you welcome back. You were an alright guy as i remember it.

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Hi Smirnoff. I remember ya. Welcome back!


Helos are gone forever thank god. Good to see you back


Welcome back Smirnoff. Where were you :P?

Bl★ck Star

Welcome back, was about time.

Noone leaves HGN without coming back :rapeface:


Quote from: Bl★ck Star on 02-01-2011
Welcome back, was about time.

Noone leaves HGN without coming back :rapeface:
Anyway, good to have you back. Come to me for your standard-issue cheezburger.
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