Started by meldin, 12-04-2016

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I know most of you don't know me, but I've technically been on this forum for like, 4 years now. I just have lurked only in the minecraft forum, though. Thought I'd pop out and say hi. I'm probably gonna go hang out a bit in the GVC, although I heard it had a large defaggotisation has been cleaned up a bit since I last posted anything there.


   Well, while I'm not proud to have been told instead of digging for your old username myself, I would like to say, formally, welcome back Jaggernaughty (And yes, I do remember you-after finding the name, at least xD)!

So, did anyone else see a floating cactus today? Just me?
I better stop wearing glasses with stickers on them, I guess.


Sorry for forcing your GF's character to work at a brothel and also tunneling under your town, swarming snowmen into your town and all that in old Aceon. Good to see you back!
Listen, man, humanity dreams of the stars for one reason and one reason only. Hot xeno ass. Don't fail us now.