Started by Enigma, 29-12-2009

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Hey, I'm NOT new to this community.

This is Zaki, and I was wanting to come back to HGN if Silver permits.

Note: Silver, I didn't do anything, it was Stan. Do not blame me for an assumption. I never got to tell you this, nor did I even bother. But now, I am telling you.

Also, how do you expect a 15 year old to know how to destroy your website and forums?

I didn't want to make a drama thread that is a giant wall of text. So this is it.

Also. I know how to RP.


Welcome back Zaki.



Ello! You're a kewl bloke. I know this. ;)


Welcome back into HGN. Exile will most probably believe what you said, and it doesn't really matter how old you are, you can still know how to do it. (Whatever it was you were accused of doing.)
Let's put bad times behind us.
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Welcome back!

get at me.


I remember you.
You were an RDA of Kirill's HL2RP server rite?


Welcome back Zaki.
Four Eyes is nice.

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