Back again!

Started by CAMaera, 29-06-2015

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I really hope I can stay longer this time, haha. After being caught up at school, I finally am graduated, and have a huge amount of time. So I'll be active again! If you don't remember me, that's probably good(I used to be....less than nice and formal on here), but if you must know,  used to be pretty darn active on Caphori for a few stints, being Rukino Aravaras, etc.

I'm back because James has dragged be back again(like he does from time to time), and because I'm going to be active in Iseyu! I'm looking forward to RPing and being friends with you all again!

(Also, if it's not too much trouble, could a mod/admin person change my name to CAMaera because I don't go by max0596 anymore, thanks!)


Good to have you back, Max! You're a welcome addition to this motley and moldy crew.
I'm not an asshole, I just play one on TV.

Put me in coach I'm ready.


Welcome back.

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.


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Oh boy.
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