About 1 year overdue.

Started by swacko, 01-02-2010

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Yes...well, It's been a little more than 1 year since I got into HGN.
When I first joined SRP, my first experience with RP was DarkRP...and someone got slightly annoyed as I started bunnyhopping into the woods as I got shot at...but not anymore.
Since I have been with HGN for some time, I concider myself a decent roleplayer, as this is the most serious RP community I have ever been in touch with.
I eventually got interested in it, and have been coming and going on both the servers and forum as I seem to suddenly change between "I want to play HGN server NOW!!!!" and "Meh...too lazy". A lot of you probably doesent know me, and some of you do.
I've lost track of how long I have been playing gmod RP, but I can tell you that's it's been a long time since my first experience with it.

I live in Norway, and my real name most of you probably wouldnt even be able to pronounce right. I go to high school, play the guitar, and I have recently cought an affection for Warhammer. I also has small experience with basic things regarding modeling, sound effects, and voice acting.

On the forums I tend to think maybe a tad too much before I post...hence my low postcount. Hope we can all get along, and I'll try to stay more active in HGN from now on.

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Good to see your finally making the effort Swacko, welcome back to activeness on HGN.

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Welcome back.
Don't know you,really.
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I welcome the old Freedom chef back, and look forward to seeing you on the server again.

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Welcome ^^

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Wazzup, also:
Tror du ikke at jeg kan utale navnet ditt nåda? :P


Quote from: Afromana on 01-02-2010
Tror du ikke at jeg kan utale navnet ditt nåda? :P

I said MOST of you wont be able to pronounce my name ; )


Hva heter du da ? :P