Steam Now Available on iPhone and Android

Started by Silver Knight, 27-01-2012

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Silver Knight

Finally, after numerous requests in the suggestions forum, Valve has finally released a mobile version of Steam. Currently available on iPhone and Android, the mobile version offers similar functionality to the PC/Mac versions of Steam.

Of course, you can't play PC games on them, but you can finally chat with your Steam friends while on the go.

You can also purchase games from your mobile device for download on your PC or Mac. This is a huge step for the Steam platform to introduce support for mobile games in the near future. I'm definitely looking forward to what Valve has in store for us.
It's still in beta, which means you may not be able to use it right now. But rest assured, by logging in with your mobile device, you're added to a list who will soon be getting beta invites via email.

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Surprisingly it was released only now.
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Bout' time, the ability to contact someone should defiantly become easier.  Now if my net goes down and I am on the move I can finally chat with people on steam.


This will be very helpful

Edit: "This account is not in use in the beta"
I'm dumb, someone tell me what to do


The send you an email when thy give the beta out to more people I got the same thing just gotta wait it out
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Thanks so much for anouncing this. I didn't know until now cause was using steamsupportware. I love it💜


Still awaiting for this to come for BlackBerry's App store. It would be very handy!

Although, I doubt it will come...
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