Infected Train in Germany.

Started by Bl★ck Star, 19-01-2012

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Bl★ck Star

Earlier I had heard in the news that a Special Team was called to a waiting Train in a Train Station.

One of the Passengers found a note saying "YOU'RE ALL INFECTED".
The Train got put under Quarantine from the Team.

A few hours later 6 Passengers said they felt a numbness in they're body parts.
The other Passengers are in Quarantine for examination.


My taught was, Resident Evil: Germany. Lolwat ?

Sry I have no English link for this.

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Bl★ck Star

Forgot to add that they checked the letter and train for any contaminations and they couldn't find anything.

I just wonder now why the hell did the guy do this and if the numbness has acctually something to do with this and if they're really all infected.




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I think they're just imagining stuff. It's actually happened before in Germanic torture techniques where subjects were blindfolded and tied together in a pure white room, where a scalpel was used to cut into one of the subjects' wrists and the other subjects' received the flat end of a scalpel and told they were all going to die of blood loss. Two of the three actually did die.