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This thread is meant to give you a list of the current races inhabiting the world of Oramore, and will serve as the thread for you to apply your races for acceptance, too. More detailed descriptions on races will be found in their respective threads.


  • the Everymen: Human-like in appearance. Prides themselves on their many different cultures and subraces. Their ears are round, a feature unique to them.
  • the Lorn: Crustaceanmen with an extremely long life and durable body, with the average height being 8 feet tall. Commonly found living in the ground. YOU MUST ASK A SUPER OPERATOR OR ADMIN TO USE THIS RACE!
  • the Sonoren: Humanoid in appearance, this semi-aquatic race shares a deep symbiosis with the Lorn. Gills are present on their body, fins on their arms and legs. Their hands and feet are webbed, and have short but very sharp claws used for fighting underwater. Like all mer races, they have pointed ears, the pointiest of them all.
  • the Hru-Tul: Wild beastmen, these half-humanoid half-bearlike barbarians are extremely vicious and lethal in combat. The tallest of them can boast heights similar to the Lorn, and their faces are a mish-mash of Everyman and bear, with long fangs protruding from their mouth and a bear-like nose which stands out among the rather mundane facial features. Like all mer, they have pointed ears, however their ears are shorter in comparison than any other race's.
  • the Noskanti: Short and happy tinkerers, these mischevious geniuses sacrifice the ability to use magic for extreme intelligence. Fond of mind-addling drinks and herbs, you are as likely to find a Noskanti stumbling around belligerent as you are likely to find them trying to solve the unsolvable. Like all mer races, their ears are pointed and boast no special difference from standard mer races.
  • the Kru'ark: Description here.
  • the Kurvesh: A pale, nocturnal race of carnivorous hunters. The Kurvesh have numerous sharp teeth and internalized frog-like ears. The Kurvesh build large cities in caverns underground and primarily avoid bright lights; although not blinded by sunlight, the Kurvesh have very keen and very sensitive eyesight.  The Kurvesh are pack hunters and are usually dominated by a Pack Leader, though it is said there was once a Kurvesh Emperor.



[b]Race Name:[/b]
[b]Physical Features:[/b]
[b]Special Affinities:[/b]
[b]Artwork (optional, but very much welcome):[/b]


Race Name:Kru'ark

Physical Features:Body covered with long, dark feathers. Avian head that ends with a long black, often sharp, beak. Beady black eyes and flightworthy wings that end in talonous hands. Short plumed tails. Birdpeople, basically. Kru'ark lay clutches of between 2 and 8 eggs when reproducing. Eggs are gray-green ovoids. Males tend to have bright red or yellow plumage. Females are often more drab and dark as to avoid predators and to camoflauge the nest.

Culture:Kru'ark life is dominated by their religion, worshipping The Red Tree, a "living" diety that sits at the center of the Kru'arks great city far into the hinterlands. The society is divided into a 4-caste system, with the Priests at the top, followed by the Soldiers, followed by Nobles, followed by everyone else. The religious memebrs of the Kru'ark are called Boughkeepers and each one is akin to a king in his own right. Boughkeepers are often trusted with an ancient magic to maintain and shape trees to their pleasing.

The Kru'ark wear a shawl over their shoulders to show what caste they belong to, besides this, the Kru'ark do not normally wear clothes but do often wear decorative adornments on their talons.

Priests wear green, Soldiers wear blue, Nobles wear purple, Everyone else wears orange.
Those without shawls are exiles.

Ideals:Religious culture obsessed with trees. The trees are the source of all life for the Kru'ark. Short of being treehuggers, the Kru'ark have a deep respect for nature and plant life. They do not much care for living beings, but plants are very well treated in the Kru'ark treehomes.

Special Affinities:Can fly. Love trees. Lay eggs.

Artwork (optional, but very much welcome):


Race Name:Kurvesh

Physical Features:Baldfaced and lanky, the Kurvesh are an actively predatory and carnivorous race that at least partially hunt soft-fleshed creatures on Oramore. Their mouthes are lined with sharp chitin that passes for teeth, these teeth are able to regrow several times in a Kurvesh's life and are made for the ripping and tearing of meat.

All Kurvesh have bright yellow eyes that have grown to allow them to see in the dark more easily. Kurvesh also have internalized ears and highly sensitive senses of smell, both of which, respectively, allow them to hear when underwater or pressing their head to the ground or track a particularly oderous prey.

A Kurvesh may be startled by an unexpected noise but it will not usually take any action until it has located the source of the sound by sight.

Kurvesh commonly have pale gray skin and are primarily nocturnal.

The Kurvesh also breed very quickly and have relatively short lifespans.

As a hunting race, the Kurvesh are particularly pack-oriented and will sometimes chase down other races for sport. Most Kurvesh are not actively hostile and will attempt to communicate when not hungry, but will break down quickly.

In Kurvesh culture, the Lorn are considered a delicacy and are often found in the extensive cave systems underground.

The Kurvesh are very aware of animal husbandry. It is consider a keen Kurvesh that brings back a living creature.

Society is dominated by the Pack leader who decides which Kurvesh has what rank, normally following a 3-group ideal where one group hunts, another group builds, a third group tends the animals.

Ideals:Hunt. Dig. Survive. Praise the Many-Toothed God.

Special Affinities:Extended sight during the night. Sensitivity to light. Nocturnal. Tremorsense. Easily startled. Hunters.

Artwork (optional, but very much welcome):