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Started by Kid, 26-04-2014

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Art Thread

In this thread I'll be posting all the art made regarding characters and species in Reveris.
This will help players get to know the races, and maybe the world, a little better.

Concept Art

Lorn and Sonoren
Lorn are the ancient crustacean race. They live in water or on land, and share a symbiotic culture with the Sonoren.
The Sonoren live in the water alongside the Lorn, and are more adept at scholarly focuses than the Lorn.

The Noskanti are a species of man that is short in stature and great with the mind. They are masterful inventors.

The Hru-Tul are a warlike race of man. They revel in battle, and the most skilled and brutal may even be able to go toe to toe with a Lorn.

Character Art

Here I will post art of characters and events that are featured in the server.

The Skull
The Skull is a long-armed and mysterious figure who is widely renowned for his light fingered qualities.
It is unknown if the Skull is a man or a beast under the mask, but it is well known that he is the head of the bandits known as The Skulls.