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{Spellbook} Reveris Basic Spellbook

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Below are the spells that every mage should learn in his tenure during his training. Wizards who are specialized in a certain school need only learn the spells that apply to his primary power.

While being trained, a mage will learn spells from each tier before generating his first Signature Spell.

Signature Spells may be passed down from master to student during the training process.

(Most mages will learn 1/3/2 spells before becoming a true mage.)

A Somatic component means you must move your body in some way.
A Verbal component means you must speak or say an incantation to get the spell to work correctly.
A Material component means you must sacrifice something to cast the spell.
A Focus is any object used to direct a spell. It can be a rod, scepter, or even a stick.
Spells that are not described to have a duration are instantaneous.

Tier 0

Spell NameDurationDescriptionPower RatingCasts per Scene
Arcane FlareInstantaneousThe most basic of spells, seen particularly often in the wilderness used by feral mages and often used by untrained magelings in the Academy. Arcane Flare has no incantations or somatic components. Instead the mage simply focuses his magic into a burst of power that is formed at the tip of the Mage's focus. (A rod, a finger, a sword.) The flare fires directly forward and damages anything it hits, stopping after striking its first target. Arcane Flares cause parts of the human body to become numb on contact. Any limb struck by an Arcane flare will become heavy and difficult to use for the rest of the Scene. An arcane flare can only be cast 3 times per Scene.2/103

Tier 1

Spell NameDurationDescriptionPower RatingCasts per Scene
SparkInstantaneousThe caster causes a spark of energy to appear at the focused location, either at the tip of a focus or at some location in space. The spark can ignite fires or briefly shock a target but causes little harm short of starting a blaze. This spell can also be used to raise the ambient temperature of a room or object, up to a variation of 100 degrees. (Cause a pot of water to boil instantly.) Spark does not have any verbal components, but is accompanied by a sharp snap of the fingers to cast the spell. Spark may be cast twice per Scene.1/102
CinderInstantaneousUsing the flame of a torch or lantern as a focus, the mage causes a gout of soot, ash or cinders to rise up into the air, obscuring vision and searing the skin and vulnerabilities of anyone caught within the cloud. Cinder must be cast using a focus that is either on fire or has recently been on fire (Within the last 10 minutes). The fire source is extinguished after casting cinder, but the object is not consumed. Cinder also has a somatic component that is similar to waving the fire source like a pendulum. Cinder can be cast twice per Scene.1/102
RimeInstantaneousA cloud of ice floats through the air and chills whatever it touches, causing discomfort and cold. This spell can also be used to reduce the ambient temperature of a room or object up to a variation of 100 degrees. (Cool or freeze a hot cup of coffee.) It cannot be used to douse fires. The supercooled droplets in the air can cause plants to be flash-frozen. Rime does not use verbal components, but the spell is mimed out by rubbing ones hands together, then blowing into them as if it were very cold outside. The frost cloud comes out from the bottom of the caster's hands, flowing toward the target quickly. Rime may be cast twice per Scene.1/102
PeltInstantaneousAfter a short incantation, the caster causes any loose gravel or dirt to rise up and fly towards the target. The stones and dirt clods obscure the target's vision and cause a very small amount of damage. This spell has the potential to do more damage when on top of piles of gravel or inside of caves. Pelt can also be used to grind stones into sand. Pelt can also be used to return small stones to the caster's hand, as long as they are natural. The incantation for Pelt is usually related to the earth, though there is no single "correct" way to cast it. Pelt may be cast thrice per Scene.1+/103
Prestidigitation1 HourPrestidigitation is a very simple spell taught to all practitioners of the Arcane arts. Prestidigitation causes one object to change in color, smell, taste or some other physical quality. This spell can also be used to make a item of clothing look different. The effects of this spell last for an hour and typically only address one change per casting. Any object can have Prestidigitation cast on it, even the human body. Prestidigitation does not have a somatic or verbal component and can be cast 6 times in a Scene.0/106
Eavesdropping2 HoursAll sounds near the focus are channeled into the caster's ears. This spell is surprisngly simple and relies on the most rudimentary of sonic manipulation. The focus can be placed down, such as on a desk or table, in order to spy on others. Eavesdropping has a material focus that is consumed after the spell expires. The focus can be any object and must remain within a mile of the caster or the spell will end prematurely. Particularly valuable items are not suitable Foci for this spell. Eavesdropping lasts about 2 hours and can be cast twice in a Scene.0/102
BreezeInstantaneousA soft breeze is shot out of the mage's Focus. This gust of wind can be used to push a sheaf of papers off of a desk or to stoke a fire. Breeze can also be used to cool off an overhead Wizard on a hot summer's day, though Scholars and Archmagi highly frown on such magical misuse. Breeze requires a special Focus when it is cast. The typical focus for Breeze is a paper fan, ornate or plain, and produces winds strong enough to blow over a small card castle. Breeze can be used 5 times in a Scene.0/105
Cloak1 Hour or 3 HitsThe caster becomes clad in leaves as they drop from nearby trees, or if trees are not nearby, bushes or fallen leaves scattered on the ground. If none of these are available, the spell cannot be cast. Cloak prevents injury from incoming melee (fist) attacks, though swords and arrows puncture it quite easily. Cloak does not have a somatic component, but does have a verbal one, usually amounting to a limerick about how nature protects its own. This spell can only endure three melee strikes before it scatters to the wind. Cloak can only be cast three times in a Scene.0/103
Last WillInstantaneousUpon touching a corpse and giving it the rite of the dead, you may read its final thoughts, these often do not pertain to the death of the person but can give an idea of what they were doing before they died and why they were doing it. This spell has a verbal component, a somatic component and a focus. Last Will can only be cast on a corpse once and can only be used once in a Scene.0/101*
ScabInstantaneousThe caster summons a gel out of the aether which can be spread on a single wound no larger than a Denier. This gel causes that wound to scab over immediately, and begin the healing process. Scab does not have a material component, a somatic component or a focus, but the verbal component is often a soothing song or calm reassurance. Scab can be cast 6 times in a scene, but only 3 times on each target.-1/106**
JinxInstantaneousAfter muttering some Arcane obscenities, this Jinx spell has a 50% chance to cause other spells to fail. Jinx can only effect Tier 1 and Tier 0 spells, and while effecting Tier 0 spells, it causes them to have a 100% failure chance. Jinx is only useful when cast during another spellcaster's spell, so it must be used while that person is performing the verbal or somatic components of a spell.&/103

Tier 2

Spell NameDurationDescriptionPower RatingCasts per Scene
ScorchInstantaneousA plume of fire erupts from the focus of the Caster and scorches any nearby target, friend or foe. The flames are strong enough to cause first degree burns. Scorch requires a focus and somatic components as well as an active fire source. After casting this spell, the source of the fire is extinguished.3/102
Reason15 minutes
1 Full Scene
Special: This spell must be cast immediately after the spell Rime or in a snow storm. The frost cloud coming out of the caster's focus (or the sky) draws to their hand. The caster may pluck an ice rapier from the cloud of particles. This rapier is the equivalent of a golden sword and lasts for 15 minutes, or for the entire Scene in snowy climes.0/101
BillowInstantaneousA gust of wind billows past and fills the sail of any targetted sailing vessel, sweeps any targetted kite into the sky or topples any carefully balanced objects in proximity to its target. Billow does not cause damage directly but can pick up and blow them into opponents, causing a decent amount of damage. This spell requires two focuses, both of which must be paper fans. The somatic component for this spell is the same as Breeze.2/103
JoltInstantaneousA bolt of energy crashes down from the sky and strikes the caster, causing all targets surrounding the caster (melee range) to be immediately shocked by a small bolt of lightning that travels down their nervous system. In short, they are electrocuted. Jolt has a somatic component which relies on the caster raising their focus up to the sky and shouting "THUNDER" until the spell triggers. It may take one, two or three chants. (Roll 1d3 to determine how many chants it will require.)2/102
Laceration5 SecondsOver the course of the duration, the target (object or creature) heals in reverse, with wounds slowly opening further than they were. This can open old scars or cause recent wounds to worsen. This spell requires a Focus and a Material component that is lost after casting, as well as a somatic component and a verbal component.4/101
SabotageInstantaneous{Touched} technology item becomes unusable for 24 hours, regardless of its intricacies or other prevention of mishap. Sabotage requires a material component of a hairpin and the caster must TOUCH the object they desire to sabotage. Does not harm creatures.0/103
DelugeInstantaneousThe caster saturates an object using the moisture in the air, causing a fire to go out or soaking a creature, or causing rain in a small area. Deluge has a specific focus that must be a divining rod of some sort, but no material component. Deluge causes Jolt to do additional damage and doubles the effective power of electricity-based spells. Deluge can only be triggered by doing a ceremonial rain dance with the focus in hand.0/102
Swallow3 1/2 minutes (About as long as you can hold your breath)The caster inhales deeply and consumes any light in a 10 ft radius. The caster can keep this light for as long as they hold their breaths, but the darkness does not follow them. The somatic component for this spell requires that the caster plug their nose and inhale deeply.0/104
StifleOne scene or until brokenThe target is prevented from speaking for as long as the caster does not speak. Stifle's somatic component is holding a finger to the target's lips. Stifle can only be used on one person at a time.0/102
VentTwo Combat TurnsConsuming a fire source and a quantity of water, the caster blasts a cone of steam from the end of their focus, dealing incredibly painful damage against the target. With just a flick of a wand or staff, the water and fire flow into the wand from their sources and, in the next moment, fly outward.5/101
Polarize1 Hour{Touched} metal object becomes a monopole magnet of your choice and lasts for an hour. During this hour, you must be holding or touch the magnet in some way. (Having it on your person does not count.) After the duration of the spell, the monopole cracks in half and becomes two dipole magnets.0/106
Burrow2 HoursThe caster is buried into the ground after biting into a root and can only be found by digging around. Inside the burrow, the caster is given enough oxygen to survive and leaches nutrients from the soil like a plant.0/102
NowiseInstantaneousThe Caster tugs at the strands of the spell in motion and unravels the latent magic energies being built up by the target. This Jinx counters a Tier 3 spell 20% of the time, a Tier 2 spell 50% of the time, a Tier 1 spell 75% of the time and a Tier 0 spell 100% of the time.&/103

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