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Started by Dug, 05-02-2011

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It seems, that, most of the time servers for CSS and TF2 and some others are empty.
Perhaps we should populate them some time. I'm sure some of you are up for CSS or TF2.
I've also found Exile playing Empires, no doubt he'd like to put up an Empires server. It's a fun game.

So yeah, we should gather some time and play.

Hosting all sorts of tournaments for different games is encouraged.

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I am playing on our Exterminatus server from time to time, but we need a Admin for it, as the teams are always unbalanced as shit, it's like 2-4 Tyranids and 15-20 Marines.


I tried with a tourny. But I never got exile to Password the CSS server. I still have it on standby the rosters are all full


For the tourney we could make a listening server.
Don't need a dedicated one if he won't give us the password.
And I might just try out Exterminatus.

EDIT: And for some magical reason that is beyond me, I can't open the download site.
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Could Someone PM the IP for the CSS server and the TF2 one PLZ

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The TF2 and CSS servers are always down these days because theres a update every 2 days and i just cannot keep up with it. Besides we have no one to run or manage them so we don't get that many regular players on them and those who i have given admin to to try and run it just abandon it.

Example of bad admins would be:


If anyone feels they actually like those games, considers themselves mature and active players then maybe you have a chance at being an admin on those servers.

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I like tf2 arena servers mostly,others like plr_ maps etc. are too rushed somehow.


I haven't done CSS or TF2 in ages, so yea I guess it'd be fun to play it once. Let me know when they're not down.
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I find myself playing CS:S a lot when I get bored. The problem is that people care about RP so much that they never want to bother with any of the other servers. We've tried to host toruneys before, but they end up just being canceled because nobody wants to play.

TL;DR: RP'ers take a fucking break for an hour or two

or in my case a few days lol