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The Choir of Michael

We have been sent to this world to bring order and justice, the work of heaven, to the world. Of differing choirs, we are united under the one banner of the light, of good.

Thanks be to the heavens.


The Choir of Michael is an angelic-themed Super Group for Champions Online, loosely made up of HGN members, and based on the popular roleplaying game, In Nomine. We are very laid back, but we like to focus on heavy roleplay, as well as a bit of PvE and PvP on the side. Membership is fairly simple, but restricted to one character for the simple purpose of making roleplay simpler.

It is asked, however, that you create a new character for the group, with consultation, so that we can assist you in creating one that will assist our group, and improve roleplay, yet be fun for you, as well. We have a fantastic canon that everyone can roleplay within, making all limits and restrictions well known, and you'll have a great deal of fun should you attempt to 'dwell' in that canon. Of course, you can make an ultra-epic superhero on other characters, too, but the colorful world of Champions Online means that a team of superheroes with a similar canonical influence will stand out. When three or four of us are roleplaying together, all looking similar, people take notice.


There is a saying that an angel is never born, it is made, created from the deepest sacrifice for good, when a person ascends beyond their dualistic nature to act selflessly.
The saying leaves out the fact that such an act also involves the death of the individual in question, and their eventual reincarnation as an angel for one of the choirs, forced to watch over earth from the heavens. For this reason, the creation of angels is a subject not often spoken of, for fear of dredging up a person's raw emotions over their death.

Angels are reincarnated humans, then, who have proven themselves in death to be worthy of a place in heaven. Often, many simply opt to float amongst the clouds, savoring the complete joy of the world, and occasionally influencing the working of the world from above. Some tire of their 'reward' and lack of power, abandoning heaven and the sacrifices they made and twisting and corrupting themselves into the forces of hell. And there a few others who feel the call of the human plane, unwilling to fully part with their lives on earth. Occasionally, they're sent to Earth perform actions, to avert catastrophe. Trying to quell the bloodshed of the French Revolution, assisting a blind man in crossing the street, distracting the armies of Egyptians, helping King Charlemagne with a personal crisis, or desperately saving lives in the Korean War. Typically, their actions go unnoticed, but the occasional battles against demons are noticed, creating the legends of battles between heaven and hell. Yet the vast majority of their appearances typically go unoticed.

At this time, however, the world is in a state of upheaval. The game has changed.

Demons have started to become far more blatant, taking advantage of the rise in superheroes to 'blend in'. Other enemies are pervasive, determined to enslave the world to their control, and while the world rages with itself, heaven continues to silently watch, holding meetings, while the Archangels debate a course of action. To one Archangel, this was unacceptable.

Feigning ignorance, Michael pretended to assign various angels with known attachments to the human plane on 'scouting missions', correctly that the majority would, shocked, refuse to come back at his command. Behind the scenes, as others play politics, he continues to send assistance and goodwill, trying to help his 'choir' to make a difference until Heaven eventually makes a decision.


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Character Creation

What does this mean for you? Essentially, it's fairly simple. Your character is a person who died at some point in history - a righteous death, or dying after living a life of pure goodwill - and was raised into heaven for an angel. For whatever reason, they were selected or volunteered on at least one prior mission on the human plane, trying to do goodwill. And supposedly, they were sent on a mission by Michael to ensure that the world is still turning. Of course, that's not the real reason. They might suspect this, or they might not. They might just want to check on everything then go back to Michael, or they may decide to stay, and 'disobey' his orders. The latter would be most common, especially considering the game world (and roleplay world) of the Champions Universe.

The options for your character are diverse. They can be from anywhere, anytime in history, from a man who assassinated a tyrannical emperor in Japan, to someone who helped thousands escape from slavery during the Civil War. At the moment, we have an African, a KGB assassin, a cowboy, a Korean War soldier, and a medieval knight. Religion and location does not matter one jot.

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