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Version 1 scrapped for being generally crap.

Version 2: Based in north Kazakhstan, in the Snowy wastelands. The map will have more length than width to focus on the map center objective: A highly raised area which contains a recently abandoned research facility. The holder of the objective has views of either side of the map, making the objective crucial to be in your teams occupation.
The map will have 2 bases at opposite ends, directly facing the middle objective.


There will be a func_precipitation surrounding the map, set on reasonably dense snow. (In other words, it will be snowy.)

A 3d skybox will be added so you can see what looks like surroundings.

Displacements for vehicles.
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Quote from: KillSlim on 24-11-2009
Silver has asked me to create a map for Hostile Conflict, and I have agreed to make it.
In here you will find what the map will be like, occasional screenshots, etc.
Map Description: 'Based in the Kazakh wastelands, where Soviet rocket hulls were assembled. Now, a grave yard of of old technology, and a battlefield to two merciless forces.'

It's going to be a sandy wasteland, lots of displacements to add fun to driving land-based vehicles. The center will hold the main objective: a control point, littered with dead Soviet technologies and rocket chasis which adds difficulty to infantry-based combat.
There will be lots of cover here, sniper spots and views of outside the facility.
The outside will be mostly bare to allow vehicle-based combat, sniping, scouting and such. Smooth Displacements will be added to add fun to driving as said earlier.
There will be the occasional structure or place of cover, but this is to be a temporary refuge and will be prone to fire from vehicles.

At each end of the map there will be spawns for either team. The structure will correspond to the teams' background, for example: The 'Terrorists' will have a makeshift style base, whereas the NATO team will have a sophisticated base.

Screenshots will be added as the map deepens in development.

Completion- 20%.
Finally, This is the map I've been thinking about for days. A flat wasteland, desert like landscapes. Not many buildings, but still good cover.

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We are looking for several maps for the gamemode, if anyone is interested, just contact me.

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