Server staff and status

Started by Amélie Lacroix, 15-06-2016

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Amélie Lacroix

So i've been on the forums for what. 2 hours? And asked several questions to online staff but seem to be getting no reactions or anything.
ive offered to help build with anything in both terraria and minecraft.
And to get accepted in the terarria server i need to make a  application. but the topic is locked! How am i supposed to play on the server when im not allowed to ask staff. but the only way TO ask is trough staff!



A little bit of patience goes a long way, and I can't really argue that the Staff are as attentive as I'd like them. At this point I'm willing to accept nearly anyone on the Minecraft team, but that's all down to DarkThunder2 since he's the SV. If you've got the passion and the dedication, I welcome you to try for a staff role or something.

Amélie Lacroix

Dont think going straight to staff is exactly the way to go for a server. but if staff is really needed i have alot of experience so just send me a form to fill in and ill do it.