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Right so as some may know I go by the nickname ''Taco'' On steam
I haven't played on any HGN server for quiet some time nor did I use my account and after reading some of the shit old Pm's I've decided to basically explain a couple of things of old and new I guess.

Right let's start off with the old , I apologise to any member of my old SRP group ''The syndicate'' (I know the name is dumb for what the group was ment to do but back then I didn't know much about such things , I was young and stupid lets say.)that I left them out in the cold , Since one day I just disapeered off the face of the Earth without any better explanations so I belive some explanations are in order , Back then my Grandad had cancer and I was just too busy dealing with that , that I forgot that I was ment to manage a group , And I feel fucking idiotic for it. (Reading all those supports made me sick of my self seeing how many people wanted such a group to exist) : The old Syndicate thread.(Ahh the old time with tylos and the others)

Right now I have rejoined as somewhat of a better typing project , since if you dare mistake one letter on these servers you get slandered to death, and with the Junior certificate exams comming up I thought it might be good practice for me. ( In Ireland its like this , 6 years primary education 6 years secondary education , for Americans It's the high school. In the 3rd year of the secondary course we get exams  to test what we have learned of the half of the course.)

Right now I usually play on crussaria rp since I like the setting etc. etc. and I encourge everyone to try it out.

So thats that , The little bit of an explanation I could share with you guys hopefully such matters won't come up again


missed the right section, lol.

Quote from: dust878 on 31-01-2012
I was young and stupid lets say. : The old Syndicate thread.(Ahh the old time with tylos and the others)

Blake.H: And im also working on whipping him into shape
Blake.H: He's nice
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