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HGN Positions and Application

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Think you can help in HGN? Post an Application and We'll Review it in a Timely Manner. When applying please remember that we are looking for detailed applications presented in a readable and punctual way, if your application does not meet up to these standards, we wont entertain you. We think of this as more of a job and will not bother with people trying to get admin for the sake of power.

We are currently accepting admins for:
STALKER Roleplay Administrator
Game Leader(Designate a new game)
Gmod Development Team

This is for applications only no posting in here otherwise

Code: [Select]
Real Name:
Gamer Alias:
Steam ID:
Steam Page:
Position Applying For:
Servers You Play On?
Past Experience:
Why Should We Pick You?:

Your application can take up to a month for acceptance or denial. All admin applications are sent down to the proper channels for authorization then back to me for final approve.
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Randal Vals

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Reply #1 on: 24-08-2013
Real Name: Kaleb
Age: 15
Gamer Alias: Sgt. Ped0
Steam ID:  76561198016682245
Steam Page:
Position Applying For: Personal And Recruitment Operator
Servers You Play On?: 4th Infantry Division: Insurgency
Past Experience: I was an Admin on two CS:S servers/Comunites
Why Should We Pick You?: I should be picked, because I am respectable, fair, and leadership comes naturally to me. I can also really good at recruiting
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Reply #2 on: 25-08-2013
Real Name: Nick
Age: 17
Gamer Alias: Recreas
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:24272527
Steam Page:
Position Applying For: Metro Rp Administrator
Servers You Play On? Till Hgn's server come back online I really just hop from game to game, server to server.
Past Experience: In my three years with HGN I've been a Crussaria admin, probably what a lot of people here would know me for.
                       Next to that I've been administrator on several Mount&Blade servers, I've been head administrator of a Star Wars RP server
                       and I've been admin for other several roleplay servers in the period before HGN and in the time I took a "break" from HGN.

Why Should We Pick You?: Well I've been with HGN quite a while and gained quite some experience on both HGN and non-HGN server with administrating.
                                     So I quite know how to help administrate a (roleplay) server in a way that will be enjoyable for the majority of the players                                                              (                                    (Majority as in, everyone but trolls and the like)
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