Automation vs Jobs for Humans: Humans Need Not Apply

Started by Silver Knight, 09-10-2014

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Silver Knight

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Probably wont live to see full automation of the workforce to the same extent we've industrialized now. Even Germany's agricultural industrialization in the 1940s was essentially at the same technological extent it was in 1870s, yet basically the whole agricultural sector was industrialized in the US by 1930s. Consider that full-scale industrialization of this field begun around in the 1860s, so it took like 100 years for the German farmer to fully implement tractors and the like.

On a related note. Factories in China and the rest of the third world still practice the industrial methods conceived in the 19th century. The average Chinese eats less than an Auschwitz inmate and consumes a LOT more unhealthier food. Just watch how they make food out of rats, dogs, sewage waste, etc on the streets. If that wasn't enough, then even the poorest laborer in early industrial London living and working in the most filthiest conditions won't compare to the kind of "living" in modern China, with its inflated and corrupt bureaucracy piled on top of it all. I'm saying this because according to this video "we" are really close to automation. This just affects the Western world ASSUMING things will go the same way, which they won't. By 2050-2060s, most of the industrious population that makes this kind of technology possible will die off, with nobody to replace it. Who will automate our work force then -- these guys? I don't think so, and no, I don't mean the beavers.
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