Augmented vs. Human Purity

Started by Lent23, 21-01-2012

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If our world had come to "Augmentations" like in Deus Ex, what would you side with? Would you be Pro-Augmentation to support the amputees, injured, and just for everyday use, but be willing to overlook the "Combat" side of them, would you be so against them that you would protest the usage of them for anything, thinking that they abuse human genetics, or would you simply not care?
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I would side with human purity, I keep my reason to myself   


Augmnetation, but..... disable they're "combat" issues
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Augmentations to an extent. I can understand people who wouldn't want augmentations.


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Well i have not played it, but augmentation did have problems didn't it? bodies rejected it unless given drugs. HOWEVER 'augmenting' vets that lost limbs, or people who lost limbs due to cancers, or giving sight to the blind would be good. I dont know why this stuff instantly turns into guns in fantasy world.

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Pro-Augment. Especially Weaponization of Augments. Just think of what the Army could do with that... Here come bio-mechanical weapons! :D
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