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World Protected from changes?

RainbowAdvenger · 584

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For a couple of days now I have come on to the server and try to build or mine or whatever but it wouldn't let me and a message pops up saying that the world is protected from changes. I waited for a while to see if it got fixed and when I got on last night max was on and I was able to build. But when I got on today it said that the world was protected from changes again. I don't know If it is just me or the server but I just want to know if there is a way to fix it.


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Reply #1 on: 10-01-2013
It's antibuild when no mods or on, so that griefers don't get on, and throw dynamite everywhere.


Reply #2 on: 10-01-2013
But I thought dynamite was banned.


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Reply #3 on: 11-01-2013
I will be on most of the day so antibuild will be off

r u avin a giggle ther m8, il bash ye fookin ead in i swar on me mum


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