Warrior Guild: Steel Dragons

Started by INA7HAN, 05-01-2012

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Nathan Jones leader of the Steel Dragons was once leader of a PMC known as Valor, but after Valor was completerly wiped out during a huge advance into corrupt territory. Nathan managed to escape with a few of his men. His men went there own way, leaving Nathan to go on his own path. After a while of doing nothing Nathan thought of the idea of a warrior guild which would do jobs for those in need and help defend the main town. The guild was created in a small building in town and after more people began to join Nathan thought it would be fitting to move to a larger base. No base was available and so Nathan got the help of Gustavis to begin contruction of the base. Now the base is finished and Nathan has began an alliance with Tarvreth and his people.

Nathan Jones

Dragon Guard-
Jacques (2nd in command)
Dante Uchimachi

Knights- Ross Syllibus

Warriors- Andaqui

Dragon Guard: Gold tier
Knights: Silver tier
Warriors: Iron tier
Applications can be done ic or on forum

App template
Ic name:
Age IRL:
Why you want to join:
Can you obey orders and stick with the rank tiers of weapons and armour?:
Can you rp:
Rp test *A goblin runs up to you and is about to strike you with his sword* what do you do?:

SRP: Nicolai 'Thunder' Lagunov - Loner - Alive


Nice Theme Music... lol
Help for hire! Seriously ask me for help, I need things to do.