The Seal of the Einherjar

Started by Syndraell, 03-07-2015

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Legends tell of a great stronghold that we know only as "The Reach", A domain shrouded in mystery that only the worthy were able to traverse into. The last known master of that ancient place was known only as "The Empress, Arla'Mael". If there was any literature pertaining to this "Reach", It had long since been reduced to ash by the fires of those who fled the predecessors of Leikell. However... One must never give up hope that some sort of artifact or scripture survived that fire; let alone the hordes of goblins which still trample the lands to this day. I refuse to give up hope.

We had never found anything else relating to this legend until now. I uncovered an ancient tablet which explained more about the reach and it's members. But what fascinates me is the legend that one of their leaders was possessed by a great and unspeakable evil. Unfortunately, the tablet is broken; and I have recovered very little of its fragments. Upon showing this broken tablet and it's fragments to my colleagues, one thing is clear: The tablet was broken long before it was lost. We've dispatched scholars and merchants to find anything that looks like it may be a piece of the tablet. Me and my colleagues will be returning to where we found the tablet to see if anything else may be found.

After nearly a fortnight of digging around in dirt, we found only a few shards of the tablet. But what is even more amazing is that when a shard is placed in the right position, it mends itself as if it was never broken. The final shard we discovered before we stopped was one with a magic-filled crystalline vein within it...Whatever broke this tablet was highly skilled in the arcane arts, So highly skilled that none of the mages we have encountered have been able to produce even the slightest similarity.

After a few weeks of study, we have been able to decipher only three words within the crystalline veins. The first is "Underground" while another is "Seal". These two words seem to be very connected to each other, but it's the final word that has us a little unnerved... "Blood". It seems that further Investigation on the tablet is necessary.

*The last page in what remains of this scholar's notes are penned in blood, most of which obscure what may have been useful notes...*

The seal... Arla'Mael was unable... those who fled... We had no Idea... Unable to face the evil within ourselves... gripped with fear... the darkness In which I saw... Praying for salvation... I see it's reflection in the pools of my blood... It is inevitable. We are doomed... the Darkness is coming.

*Anything beyond those words was covered up by a dark figure surrounded by a circle of blood*

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