The Black Ones

Started by Syndraell, 08-07-2015

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So, there I was just sitting at the bar at this "Warrior's Guild" having an ale and minding my own damn business when this one fool carrying a crossbow and starts ranting and raving about demons or sommat. They say something about forming a militia to check out this demon invasion. Then this one guy stands up and offers to arm them all. And of all the people I'd never expect to be helping people out, it's the goddamn Dread Pirate Morgan! I knew that if he saw my face he'd recognize me Instantly, so I kept my head low and kept enjoying my drinks.

Not even a few hours later, they come marching through the damn guild again, wearing Iron armor and carrying muskets. and I guess they were short on helmets or something, cause this one bloke was wearing a fucking Bucket on his head! Trying pretty hard not to laugh at the guy, but I guess he saw my smirk and he knocked over my beer like a dick. Hope whatever those demons are, kill that one guy.

So, I had a few more ales and sat there at the bar in the guild, and I hear some commotion outside. it's those fucking guys again! So they're talking about some seal or something being broken, black mist, earsplitting screams and some other nonsense. I don't care at this point, I finish my ale and proceed to the door. Before I even reach the middle of the room, I hear a loud crash from above me and there's this freaking thing made of black smoke!

It says something about devouring someone's soul, and grapples onto that Morgan guy and ends up slicing his side open with this ugly spear thing! I'm on the freaking ground as everyone else tries to kill the damn thing, shooting and stabbing at it! But this one good-looking red haired chick pulls out her sword, and it creates this earsplitting screech after getting hit by it and flies out the hole in the roof.

Right-o, time for me to get the hell out of this town. I run to the door and open it only to see hordes of the undead coming right for us. The one guy who ran in screaming about demons looks out the door and then looks at me like I'm gonna help defend the fucking place. I look 'im dead in the face and say 'Nope'. The bartender opens a freaking trap door and everyone who wasn't going to fight those dead things were led down into this substructure.

For the whole night you could hear gunfire and thuds from above, to the point where blood was coming down through the trapdoor. As soon as the sun broke, things quieted down and we were allowed to get out of the underground structure. Blood and guts and even chunks of zombie flesh everywhere. And then everyone listens to Morgan about what those things were. I decided to grab my shit and get out, paid my bar-tab and got the hell out of there. The only things I heard were the damn things are hurt by silver and don't like daylight. I knew I could get to the next town over by the end of the day If I started off now. And here I am...

Now, the real kicker is: I need a drink after all this crap. Oy barkeep, I need an ale over here!

-Overheard from a patron at "The Rat's Arse" Pub

I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.