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The Big Huge Thread About Magic

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Hey, CAMaera here, AKA that one Aravaras character. Me and a few other people on the server convened and figured out the way we want magic to work on the server, so here's a big dumb post about it!

The Basics
Magic in Iseyu is only able to be used by those who have potential. Now, potential is something that your character either has, or doesn't have. It's from birth. Odds are, if you have a super-strong warrior character, they have no potential. Because it would be kinda unfair if you could launch fireballs and swing a gigantic hammer around. It's just makes it a lot more balanced. There are always exceptions, and if you have a big enough handicap, you can probably use both swords and magic well.

Okay, the definition of Magic is(very loosely); The ability to change what is happening, to what may be happening.

Simply put, this means that Magic is the ability to change matter and circumstances, like weather, if things freeze or melt, how the air conducts electricity, or the speed of the wind. It's super loose, but it allows mages a lot of options. Speaking of options...

Okay, this is the most important part. Basically, there are 6 primary elements and 2 secondary, more dangerous elements.

The 6 Basic Elements
Ice           Fire

Water                      Nature

         Wind           Electricity

The 2 Secondary Elements

Astral                      Dark

Okay, not going to lie, the point of elements is also for balancing, so that one character is not some god of all of the elements. So, the basic gist of it is that Your character can learn two different elements at a time, along with Dark or Astral. These two elements only determine which two you can use the exclusive spells for, all the combinations of the two you select are learn-able, just will take longer. EX:

If you select Water and Wind, you get access to all of the exclusive(Denoted by "Just _______ Magic" in the lists below) spells, as well as Razorblade Typhoon, and those will be easier to learn. Learning the Water/Electricity Nimbus Rod will be possible, but harder to learn.

Here's a rundown of all the elements, and their weapons!

Ice Magic ؇
Ice Mages can freeze water at will, and use it to make blades, spikes, and large structures at a high level. They are usually not fond of heat, or fire at all.

Ice Magic has a good, balanced repertoire of spells, both by itself, and in conjunction with Fire, Nature, and Wind Magic.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

Fire Magic ٨
Fire Mages are masters of using magic to heat, or combust anything, from air, to hair. They are extremely powerful, but have to work hard to hone and control their craft, otherwise everything will go up in flames.

Fire Magic is mainly focused on the user just using Fire Magic, with 3 magic weapons exclusive to it, but is also powerful when combined with Nature magic.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

Water Magic ∂
Water Mages can manipulate water at will, using it to do many tasks, and are very fearsome when near or in a body of water. They can move water around so fast that an Ice Mage may not be able to freeze it.

Water Mages are strong when just excelling in Water, but have a strong spell when combined with Wind or Electricity magic.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

Nature Magic ٭
Nature Mages are masters of the natural world, able to grow plants and move earth.

Nature Mages are very versatile on their own, and only really have a strong synergy with Fire Magic.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

Wind Magic ؟
Wind mages are manipulators of wind, and can use it for many tasks, even household chores.

Wind Magic is the ultimate magic for synergy, having a combination for almost every element.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

Electricity Magic گ
Electricity Mages are dangerous, especially during a storm. Their bolts strike like lightning, and they can even power a coffee maker!

Electricity Magic is the ultimate in specialty, having 3 strong spells exclusive, and only one synergy weapon with Water.
(click to show/hide)

Enchanted Weapons
Enchanted Weapons are when a mage of significant power infuses a weapon, or object, with part of their power. These weapons are widely varied, and can range from a shard of ice that is shaped like a sword, to a bullet. They are mostly IC, but there are some items in-game that you can use as Enchanted Weapons. Keep in mind that:

-Some Enchants can be removed, and if they are removable, the Mage will get the power back once the weapon is disenchanted.(Obviously, ones that cannot be removed are far stronger, but make the Mage in question lose the amount of power that they enchanted the weapon with forever.

-Enchantments can last on a weapon forever, AKA they are not disenchanted when the Mage who enchanted the weapon dies, only when the Mage wishes.

-Odds are, if your weapon is launching fire, or glowing blue with energy, it's probably a little Enchanted.

Enchanted Weapons allow Mages to use weapons that they would normally never use, for example:
-An Ice Mage who would never touch a lance outside of using a North Pole.
A mage who would never use a gun outside of Cursed(Fire+Nature) Bullets and a revolver.

Enchanted Weapon Registry
None yet!

Info about Secondary, Pure, and Non-Elemental Magic and Weapons on the next post!

(Remember, we are NOT using in-game names for MANY weapons IC, such as Cursed Flames. If you are the first to use a weapon, feel free to ask/tell me and I'll update with a new name for it.)
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Reply #1 on: 18-08-2015
﴾Astral Magic﴿
Astral Mages are a rarity, only due to how difficult it is to enter the elite club. If one who decides to do Astral Magic messes up even slightly or gets distracted, their body will be torn apart in the resulting explosion of power.

Astral Magic is born of the Mana Stars inside oneself, using the raw power from them to create deadly, catastrophic displays of power.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

֎ Dark Magic ֎
Dark Magic is hatred, darkness, evil incarnate. It feeds on the soul of the one who uses it, and along with their sanity, it will slip away if too much power is used.

Dark Magic is a fearsome, dangerous power that eats away at the user's sanity and health as it tears through all in it's path.

Magic Weapons

(click to show/hide)

۞ Pure Magic ۞
Pure Magic is the combination of every single kind of magic, all 6 primary elements, and both Secondary Elements. It is nothing short of a miracle, that it doesn't blow itself apart upon creation. Only the greatest mages in history can wield this power alone, and it takes nothing less than an elite of each element to create it.

Magic Weapons

Last Prism
Rainbow Rod

Non-Elemental Magic is pretty self-explanatory, it is Magic with no elemental direction. It is just magic, nothing less, nothing more. These magic weapons can be used by any mage, as long as they are experienced with magic enough.

Magic Weapons
Wand of Sparking-Used for testing magical potential, will produce sparks automatically based on the potential of the user. It will also produce more sparks if the user has furthered their skill and knowledge of Magic, Non-Elemental or not.

Charged Blaster Cannon-A strong, exhausting beam of magic, condensed into a beam.

Magic Missile-A directed, condensed crystal of magic that moves wherever it's user wills it to.
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Reply #2 on: 20-08-2015
>ice isn't the same element as water
into the trash it goes


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Reply #3 on: 21-08-2015
Magic Missile is in both Astral and Non-Elemental. Sooooo...

Changed to Non Elemental
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Reply #4 on: 22-08-2015
This is pretty informative. Thanks for the information.

Who are you?!

>ice isn't the same element as water
into the trash it goes

I get where you're coming from, and I somewhat agree that it's silly. But after examining the shit loads of spells that are ice or water themed in the game, we decided to make a distinction between the two. Mostly for the sake of balance.

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