Tarol Aexia Magic Academy

Started by CAMaera, 26-07-2015

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Tarol Aexia
-For Those Who Chase Magic-

Tarol Aexia's Mission Statement
We are dedicated to the pursuit of magic, or the 'chase' to become stronger mentally. Physicality is of little consequence or matter to us, as understanding of magic can enrich the student as well as the world. Because knowledge is not power, but how power is regulated and not thrown out of control. To fight, chase, and develop fate is the power that those born with the gift of magic are given.

Tarol Aexia's Rules
The rules of Tarol Aexia are as follows:
1.No Running on campus.
2.No Guns on campus.
3.No fighting other students outside of an official duel, which a teacher must preside over.
4.Do not be late for class.
5.No Dark magic inside or outside campus.
6.No Astral magic unless in a life-threatening situation, and only if you have clearance for it.

Tarol Aexia's Campus
Tarol Aexia is located underneath the manor of the headmaster, Ekina Aravaras. It is located in an underground tunnel, and can be found easily with a sign above the entrance.

Tarol Aexia has a spacious interior, including a dormitory for on-site students, two large classrooms, a comfortable lounge, and safe rooms the students may practice their studies and magical abilities.

Classes vary and are flexible to what each student may want to or need to learn, and classes can be attended by students with no magical skill from time to time. At times, students may want to learn specific skills in their own elements of choice, and may ask teachers for one-on one sessions to learn said skills.

Dorms are located on the lowest level of Tarol Aexia, and include a bedroom, and a living room. Dressers, a table, a bed, and two chairs are included, and a bathroom with a bath is at the end of the hall.

There are currently 1 room(s) vacant.

Room 05:VACANT

Headmaster, and Master of Ice and Water Magic: Prof. Ekina Aravaras
Vice-Principal, Master of Fire Magic: Prof. Leona Reinhardt
Nature Magic Master: Prof. Syl

Gaoth Surghei, Wind Mage
Trance, Nature Mage
Lanaya, Water Mage
Auric, Fire Mage
Oxrune, Electricity Mage
Viscera, Fire Mage

-In-Character END-

Hey, thanks for reading all of this until the bottom! Or, well, just the bottom maybe. Anyway, Tarol Aexia is an academy where magicians, mages, witches, warlocks, and ALL MOST forms of magic are acceptable and a worthwhile pursuit(Dark magic can just get out of here, it's cray). But anyway, if you've been thinking about a mage character, the academy is probably a cool place to go! I mean, you can learn stronger magic, and that's always good.

Tarol Aexia is also a place where people can come from time to time to learn about magic and the theory behind it, even if they are not mages. These sessions are usually spontaneous, and do not last terribly long(We hope).

And hey, if you want to make a character that comes to the land for Tarol Aexia(whether to be a student or a staff member), well, dang, I'd be honored! Just PM me, so I know what's going on, unless you think it'd be more fun IC to just show up and barge in, haha.

Also, just so you do know, if your character has no magical potential(If you're a warrior or barbarian, for example), you will be unable to open the door to get inside either Aravaras Manor or Tarol Aexia. Please respect this IC rule!

This post will be updated when things change, like students or staff joining or, *knocks on wood* dying.

Feel free to post below if you have any questions about Tarol Aexia!

Please check out this post about how Magic works in Iseyu before you create a mage character, and before you start going to Tarol Aexia!