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This is going to be a topic of posts about the school my character, Asahina, used to live in. It will follow that regions timeline and will unlikely have anything to do with Caphori other then connecting my character's past.

Chapter 1: The Encounter
*In the mind of Asahina*
Everyday I struggle to keep school payments balanced with school itself... about a year ago on my 6 birthday my parents didn't show up and never did after that point... the funding for my education also fell through... Now they use me as cheap labor to clean their dusty classrooms and halls. They definitely aren't afraid to ask for my help in other matters either... Today I was assigned to the section known as the "Grey Zone". Its name comes from the odd rules that apply to it... First were not supposed to go in their but we seem to constantly break that rule as teachers one by one order students to that section. Though no student has ever come back from that area... nor has a teacher. Today, me and my friend Huegrin venture into this zone to recover a book that a student had with them when they went in there...

*Me and Huegrin slowly walk up to the big grey door that leads to the Grey Zone... though it appears grey it is actually fine casted wood with iron bolts in it, but due to lack of cleaning in this area it has collected a thick coat of dust on it.*

Huegrin: Aye... Asahina what we doin here anywa. Why doon't the teaches do thees... Its their joob isn't it?
Asahina: Yes its their job, Huegrin... But as we all know the teachers are a bunch of half assed pussies who would rather watch a innocent child die then lose a finger...
Huegrin: Ya... hope that dooesn't happen to us...
Asahina: *Grins* Don't worry Hue. I'll protect ya!
Huegrin: Aye! I don't need any protecting from a girl! *Angrily stomps about and ends up slamming into the door to the Grey zone revealing the way into its dusty halls*
Asahina: great job Hue! I should have ya around more often.
Huegrin: Ya wel...! *Falls when trying to lean on a old desk*
Asahina: Hahaha! Baka...
Huegrin: Aye you know I don't know what that means! *Ticked off*
Asahina: Come on you big baby lets go *Snickers*
Huegrin: *Grunts* Fiine....

*What seems like hours of walking later we finally find the now rotting corpse of our fellow student Gregory The Best... was known as the smartest kid in school, but not actually that good at fighting*

Huegrin: Bloody Ell! This is.... god awful! *Coughing and wheezing from the smells of the mostly decayed body*
Asahina: Ya well I told you to bring your aroma potion from class... *Picks up the book from the body*
Huegrin: *Thinks he sees something in the corner of his eye. Jumps from surprise as he sees it whiz by again* Aye... Asahina... I think we should goo now...
Asahina: One second Hue! I'm reading... *Looks at title of the book and it reads "Conjurers Advanced Spell Guide"* Hmm... *Smells it then wipes some sort of sparkly dust off of the books cover and tastes it*
Asahina: Dear god... he used it... What was that idiot thinking at his level the beast would over power him...


Asahina: *Slowly turns around and when she looks back what she sees in the true meaning of horror*

To Be Continued...

Next On Chapter 2! The Hunt!

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Chapter 2: The Hunt

*As I turned around to face my friend Huegrin what I saw would scare my mine for all eternity... the image of my friend, Hue, with a large sharp tail shoved right through him brought horror to my mind. As he cried and screamed blood splattered all over my gown and my face slowly dripping down my body... In shock I simply stood watching as the great beast's tail swayed violently in Hue ripping up his organs and spurting blood everywhere... The beast rips its tail out of Hue and the body of my once good friend falls at my feet. Making a large puddle of blood on the grey stone floors... I look up to see the beast slowly walking up to me. Its black skin seems to resemble natural ac-curing armor and its large talons are accompanied by a large menacing tail and to smaller arms on its torso... most likely for more delicate procedure. Its large mouth does not flap over its teeth, but instead its lips of some sort raise up to show its teeth even more... In its mouth is a sort of parasite... it looks like a larva and as it comes closer to me the larva seems to reach out for my face... Then I snap out of my shock*

Asahina: Oh shit! *I quickly draw my hand up and blast a fire spell into the beasts mouth. It screeches and rages as the parasite in its mouth is burnt to a crisp, but it soon adapts and the small parasite falls out of its mouth detaching. As I start to run the other way I look back to see nothing but Huegrin's corpse laying on the floor. Though now I feel even more threatened as I can not see the beast. I quickly run into a old room most likely a sleeping chamber and lock the large wooden door. As I step back I hear something breathing under the bed. I quickly look under the bed with my arm raised in case of an attack. Under the bed is a small child curled up. I quickly recognize him as one of the servant boys that work here. He has blonde hair that is covered in dirt and his clothes are ripped up and patched in many places. Hes probably 5 so that would make me 2 years older then him.*

Asahina: Hey, Kid come here.
Kid: *Slowly comes out and then rushes up and clings onto Asahina*
Asahina: *Holds him for a bit to comfort him and then sets him on the bed* Whats your name kid?
Daniel: Its.. Daniel ma'am
Asahina: Well Daniel do you want to accompany me out of this place?
Daniel: Yes Ma'am!
Asahina: Ok then follow me. *Smiles to try to ease the child's mind*

*I quickly look through the room for supplies, but sadly only find a magic torch. Me and Daniel make haste out of the room and start to head to where we believe is an exit. Every step we take makes us more and more anxious. After a while I start to wonder where the beast had gone and what was its goal.*

Daniel: Do you think... *Gulp* That the beast is going to kill us...
Asahina: No... if that was its goal we would have died... long ago.
Daniel: *Shivers* So when we get out of this area how do we know it won't follow...
Asahina: Because this area has a magic shield around it, which stops conjured beasts or such things from leaving its halls...
Daniel: Ok... *Sniffles*

*I look ahead and see the exit back to the safe area of the school*

Asahina: There it is! *I pull on Daniel's hand and rush for the door as I open it I hear a screech and a young boy's scream. I turn back to see the beast rushing right at us. I quickly realize that its plan was never to kill everyone, but to leave through the only entrance and exit in the whole area... When opened anything can pass through the door. but only a human or an approved member can open the door, but once its opened anything can walk out... As I realize my only choice I cry to think what I must due to stop the beast from reaching the opening... I could try to rush out, but the time it would take to rush out and close the door... Its to slow. We would never get the door closed before it can slam against it... As I start to run out of the door. Daniel follows, but I quickly turn around and kick him back into the grey zone. As he falls into the grey zone his eyes fill with tears and he looks at me with sadness knowing that this is his end... The beast is now distracted by Daniel flailing back into the area and gets slowed down by him. This gives me the time to slam the door close and to bolt lock it... As I return to the teachers hall I give them the book, but the whole time my head is just filled with the noise of a screaming child as he gets ripped into shreds. I return to my chambers to simply lay in my bed processing all that had happened today... The teachers hadn't even given me a second look when they noticed Huegrin was not there with me... Not even the blood spurted all over me seemed to surprise them...*

Next On Chapter 3! The New Teacher!
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Help for hire! Seriously ask me for help, I need things to do.